Next Meeting - August 17th! 
For August, our guest speaker is Mitchell Hodgson.
He is a PhD student with UNSW currently investigating the different ways reptiles respond to temperature variations within their environment. On top of this Mitchell is an avid keeper of reptiles, having kept around 40 different species of Australian native reptiles over time. 

He will be talking to us about lizard husbandry and care practices!
This will include some interesting observations into common ideas of captive keeping and why these may not necessarily be right nowadays. 
This is a great opportunity to refresh what you may already know and hear some new ideas for the future of captive keeping.  

See you there!


We are currently in discussions to line up some great speakers for 2018 so watch this space for further details!
If you have any suggestions about speakers you would like to see or topics of interest, shoot us an email or use the contact us form and we will see what we can do!