That's a wrap for 2016!
MacHerps Meetings will resume on February 17th 2017!

Upcoming Events: COMPETITION!!

MacHerps has a signed copy of Devil Dragon by Deborah Sheldon to giveaway. Details of the competition are live on our Facebook page so head over and check out the pinned post to enter. However don't worry if Facebook is not your thing - We will have an option to enter via our website too! Simply send us an email at with your name and the words 'Devil Dragon' to be included in the draw.

Anyone who joins or renews their membership with us by February 10th will automatically get 2 entries into the draw as well!

Below is a book review of this fantastic novel by our president Rhonda to show you why you need to enter our competition:

"From the very first line of this thriller you are introduced to the title character, a frightening real creature of immense proportions that simply should not exist!

Reading on, we meet a collection of likeable and believable folk including one of the major characters, Dr. Erin Harris - a sophisticated, well-educated, adventurous scientist with a passion for herpetology. She has, after all, had hands-on experience with venomous snakes and crocodiles! Her plan is to verify the sighting of this ‘devil dragon’, make a name for herself in the scientific community and, in the process, erase a lifetime of self-doubt.

The journey begins and we, the reader, get a very clear insight into the party of four. All their skills, knowledge, strengths and weaknesses become evident along with their thoughts as they are determined to lure and kill the animal the farmer has seen. It isn’t long before they realise not only is it a huge beast, but a monumentally dangerous task they have undertaken. Will their wits and weapons be enough?

Anyone who has studied monitors, for even a short time, knows just how intelligent these creatures can be, how stealthily and unpredictably fast they can move and this particular animal is no exception. The only thing that defies belief is that this is fiction! A hard book to put down. Well researched, well written, well done Deb Sheldon – looking forward to your next offering, thanks"

- Rhonda


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