Next Meeting - May 18th! 

For May we have Stuart Kozlowski, a senior keeper from Taronga Zoo!
Stuart is one of the select few keepers who work closely in the care of Taronga's Komodo Dragons (Varanus komodoensis)!
He will be joining us to talk about what its like working with the world's largest lizard, that are on average 3 metres long and can weigh 70+ kg!

Komodo Dragons are only found on a few small islands in Indonesia and are officially classified by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as vulnerable. This makes the work that Taronga Zoo does, along with other wildlife conservation establishments, vital to the ongoing survival of this giant reptile!

If the Komodo Dragon was not intimidating enough with its long claws and powerful jaws, just wait theres more!
In 2005 scientists discovered that the Komodo Dragon shares a common ancestor with venomous snakes  and therefore is classified as venomous! So you can see that working with these creatures would be a dangerous yet thrilling experience - definitely not a talk to be missed!

On top of this Stuart will also be giving us a rundown of some of Taronga's other coservation projects! 

See you there!


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